Science Models and Experiments

This week, while we were learning about caves and their formations, we made a couple of models.
The first cave model actually made a sinkhole in most cases, so we decided to adapt the model to show a more accurate version of how a limestone cave forms.

Check out the video below to see what we did...


  1. great movie i the music is sound cool:)

  2. I liked how we did our expirement of candy caves.

  3. That was a great movie.I like the music it was so school like.You should of made a movie when we were making the cave when we put the suger cubes in a jar and when we made CAVE-CICLE cave.THANKS FOR LETTING US DO AN ART PROJECT.

  4. I loved doing our sience experiment because it taught me so much! I mostly like the cavesicles even though our groups icicle still isn't growing, I'm still happy!